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This episode of the Zen AF Podcast features Evidential Medium Michelle Robin to discuss how and why she gets messages from souls in spirit. We’re talking about real evidence from those who have passed on and are trying to connect with you. She has studied with gifted mediums worldwide and has trained at the prestigious Arthur Findley College in the United Kingdom. The Zen AF Podcast is your resource when you’re looking to learn more about woo-woo, wellness and wanderlust. Whether we admit it or not, we’re all seeking it. Zen. Is it a place or a feeling? Listen in as your host, Debbie Hudzik interviews explorers in the fields of holistic health, the new-age community and travel adventurers. You’ll learn tools and techniques that just may transform your life to discover your own definition of Zen. This podcast is presented to you by Lotus Travel Company, your go-to agency for retreats, tours and wellness travel in Palm Beach Florida and beyond.


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